Grave Accessories

Francis Gogarty Headstones supplies an extensive range of striking, skilfully crafted grave accessories which can be customised to represent the memory of your loved one. Our accessories are available in a range of sizes, colours and designs, with religious and non-religious options available to choose from. These accessories can be matched to the existing headstone, ensuring they are as distinctive as the memorials that stand over them.

Grave accessories are a fantastic option for those who are looking to add a more personal touch to the resting place of their loved one. We handle a variety of requests and always do our utmost to ensure that the grave accessories provided are unique and fitting. 

Amongst our most popular options are:

  • Hearts

  • Books

  • Flowerpots In Square Or Round

  • Bronze Or Granite Angels And Statues

  • Eternal Lights

  • Granite Teddy Bears

  • Laser Images On Granite

  • Gaa And Soccer Footballs

  • Ceramic Pictures Available In Different Sizes

All graveside accessories are customisable – we can produce colours and sizes to suit individual tastes.


We have an extensive range of memorial flowers available in wreaths, sprays and other customisable designs. Our flowers are a tasteful addition to any graveside.

For more information on our range of graveside accessories, please get in contact with us.


We provide granite benches which can be customised to provide a fitting tribute to the memory of a loved one.


Graveside plaques are available in a variety of sizes, designs and colours, with an inscription service also provided to leave a personalised message.


Grave chippings are available in a variety of colours and sizes. For more information on our full range of chippings, please contact us.

Other items available Bronze or Granite angels and statues, Eternal lights, Granite teddy bears, Laser images on granite and Ceramic pictures available in different sizes, GAA and soccer footballs,
Most items are made to suit the customers needs, size and colour.